Partnership and Collaborative Opportunities.

Participation in partnerships or collaborations has been an integral part of Sosyete Koukouy’s role in the community. As an organization, we have realized that while many of these relationships seem to be heavily dependent on the cultural information and knowledge that can be provided, we also look at the potential for the valuable opportunities and challenges that can benefit the organization, such as, performance opportunities, raising community awareness of Haitian and Caribbean culture (Jamaica Awareness, Inc., The Haitian Arts Alliance , the Haitian Artists Network Development, The Haitian Historical Museum, C.A.C.E.C. , H.A.Y.O, Koukouy of Homestead… collaborations which involve the sharing of services, facilities, human resources or ideas such as the relationship we have with Florida International University, Miami-Dade Community College (Bookfair International) or the Historical Museum. Audience development/social service  opportunities are created through our participation in or with Golden Ticket, Haitian-American Youth of Tomorrow, Haitian Organization of Women, FLA-OFF, Miami-Dade Public Library System, Miami-Dade and Broward County Public Schools, Notre Dame d”Haiti Church…

We are also active in partnerships with media (television: Island TV and Ayiti TV, radio stations: 1020 AM, WLRN 91.3 FM , newspapers: Haiti en Marche Weekly, Haiti Observateur) and other businesses which enable us to engage and enjoy a broad base of business and civic leadership support and to participate in community impacting events from the planning level through production. These partnerships include Miami-Dade County (Haitian American Month Celebration), and City of Miami (Caribbean Marketplace Development). Sosyete Koukouy frequently provides staff, board members and artists to sit on panels and boards addressing Haitian cultural, civic and political key issues.

Our partnerships and collaborations allow us to exponentially, expand the numbers of people that we would ordinarily serve, increase our impact, and to access community, educational, civic, and cultural resources we would not, otherwise be privy to.