The Application of Cultural Diversity.

Although our artists are primarily Haitians, as is our Board of Directors, it is important to note that within the context of being Haitians, we are also a people of many ethnicities and cultures. The outreach of our performances reflects more pluralism and has a greater impact than if we were to deliberately, diversify within our Board and staff ranks because Koukouy performs in neighborhoods and venues all over Miami-Dade County, as well as the State and beyond. Our primary performance facilities include the North Miami Beach Performing Arts Center, Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, Coral Springs Performing Arts Center, all of which are located in communities which are extremely diverse. Our arts management consultant is African-American.

Sosyete Koukouy and its very active Board of Directors are committed to working to build community partnerships with artists and community organizations as well as audiences. It is our mission to work together to promote a healthy community knowledgeable about our culture and to propel and recognize Haitian culture as a part of a vibrant cultural environment. To this end, Sosyete Koukouy conducts workshops in schools, museums, community centers, colleges, etc. Our work is also videotaped and catalogued and made available throughout the Library system, colleges and universities. We work very closely with institutions whose primary mission is to educate Miami-Dade’s citizens about the many cultures in Miami-DadeCounty including major festivals, museums and other cultural entities and destinations.

In the broader sense of the term, “diversity,” which includes gender, gender-preference, religion, age, ability, etc., we are servicing and composed at every level of the organization, people representing true diversity.

Our largest collaboration continues to be our partnership with Jamaica Awareness, Inc. as co-producers of the “Caribbean Dance Celebration,” a presentation of dance companies from the Caribbean who represent the dance techniques and artistry of the African Diaspora. We hope to continue this partnership with community Caribbean organizations will enhance and educate the community’s knowledge about the similarities and differences between Haitian and other Caribbean island cultures. 

Many of our audience members are Haitian senior citizens who enjoy what we do because it brings them a little closer to the homeland most were forced to leave. Events are also well attended by the Afro-Cuban community who recognize the close cultural ties Haiti has with Cuba and the other countries of the Caribbean and South America. Sosyete Koukouy always enjoys the opportunity to share its rituals, traditions and French influenced cultures with all of the citizens of Miami-Dade.